After joining this one-of-a-kind community, you will be able to participate in Zoom hangouts, take courses to help you on your self-care journey, and participate in
a community of like-minded women within a safe, supportive, and sacred virtual environment.

Silver Membership - Tier 1

Being a member of the self-care lounge has many privileges. We provide space for you to unwind and allow yourself to care for your soul. We have group hang-outs, sacred safe spaces for you to vent and discuss personal matters that affect you as well as courses to help you thrive and become a better “you”. 

Gold Membership - Tier 2

You receive everything that is in the Silver Membership and you have access to Premium courses and will receive a quarterly self-care box filled with goodies to help you on your self-care journey!


Feel free to email us with your questions about membership!