Latasha  Jones

LaTasha Jones is a California born and raised servant leader who is best known
for making others ” feel good naturally.” Her down to earth demeanor make others feel safe and relevant being their authentic self. Serving over 25 years as a Social Worker LaTasha serves from the lens of empowerment and hope. The ” Care Bear” servant need to know that she is valued for who she is and NOT only for what she does for everyone. In a world that reward busyness with no signs of slowing down; LaTasha launched Escape Lounge. A luxury space for heart centered women to dodge, work, kids, man and countless other demands.. So that she can Reclaim her authentic self. Welcome to the Escape Lounge where your total restoration, focus and life purpose is our #1 priority in helping you to design the lifestyle you deserve. Sharing Love and Light, LaTasha Jones, MSW, ASW